I am very pleased to announce that tomorrow the work I was involved in from Outland Sessions 2019 will be released !

So I am giving you a sneak peek of an independent review from the fantastic team at

Written by Peter-James Dries. (Excerpt follows)

We’re all part-time musicians here. If music was a full-time job, we’d all leave our offices immediately. Some shouldn’t...

My introduction to Starke with the track Hope is a Universe proves he could make it in an economy that still placed value in art.

The song was born of the collaborative Outland Sessions, an annual gathering of musicians holding a week-long recording session in Pahiatua. The idea is you can contribute to as many songs as you want, but there is one that is yours. It’s not an event I’d heard of before, but it’s a concept I wholly support. I’ve enjoyed looking back over previous sessions.


I can’t find anything to critique here. An instant classic. 5 of 5 stars.

I highly recommend you check out - here is some more about what they do.. provides one of the most extensive resources on the New Zealand music industry, offering everything from musician & band biographies and photo galleries to detailed charts and all the latest music industry news. All of this makes it an outstanding online community for everyone who loves NZ music.

In other words they are good bastards (to borrow from Barry Crump) helping kiwi musicians out. Do them a favour and Like the page!

The full review will be out at this coming Thursday - and I will also link to the track release....


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