BOOM - Outland Sessions drops..

So here we are - from recording for one week in January to now.

The fantastic electic, hectic & electric crew from Outland Sessions 2019 have been working hard to bring you a sonic journey through feelings, space, minutes and highs;

Hope and simplicity clash with ambition; love takes a distant seat at a long forgotten table then leaps along gloomy corridors of fear; irrational and ancient creatures stalk and groan -dark murmurs plot the overthrow of fearsome Kings whilst concert piano and cello frolic...

Another Outland Sessions release in other words. Magnifique.

I managed to squeak my way onto a number of collaborative tracks and a privilege it is, it was and shall be...

My own track, Hope Is A Universe, had a rather long rumination.

From coming up with the basic chords for the verse 5 minutes before the first session until completion, I have genuinely striven (? this is a word n'est ce pas? ) to be better than I have ever been.

And actually I am proud to say I am in that box of 1 to 5% where so many little things matter - but then - music is a passing moment - and if you feel something compelling having heard the song - then I am grateful.

A chocolate fish to you if you can hear my input on the following other tracks:

Walk on Hot Coals - more on this later

Outland Clan - a very special treat indeed..

Two more tracks I attack - but you will need to wait until the next album drop to hear...

Thanks for reading - I will post a detailed thank you to the players and specialists involved shortly - in the meantime - soak it up - enjoy !

ALBUM LINK - OUTLAND SESSIONS Session 2 - Volume 1 - Storytellers

SONG LINK Hope Is A Universe - S. J. Starke


I tore a whole in the universe with you

Punish me for saying, I can’t come through

There’s time to wait and roll me when I’m when weak

But today I’m not folding as I fight to be free

So I tear a hole in the universe for me

Tired and roaming outside of your edge

Where you begin and I’ve started to end

Patience and quiet are not always for best

To keep yourself is a prize to defend

So I bear away to the universe your friend

Feeling disquiet, as you storm and fade

As in the distance I will trail

But if we hold it down as our hearts fall away

Pray in the morning I’ll be ok

To tear a hole in the universe today

I’m sorry to say I'm a whole world away

From your pride and my regrets

Each time we face apart and no-one will change

It takes but a moment to lose all the way

You'll know it’s time to reach for the void

Take up your own power it’s truly your choice

To parcel up memories after all blood and pain

To know that there’s hope in the universe today

Hope is a poison I hope you’ll take today

Hope is a poison I hope you'll take today

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